There can be no summer
in this land without cricket

Wisden 1920-1929

The Wisden Collectors’ Club thought it might be of interest to members to put together an outline of Wisden content and information. We are very grateful to John Pratt, who emigrated to Australia as a £10 Pom back in 1963, but who shouts louder than most at the fall of an Aussie wicket, for the following article…thank you John.



How would English people have viewed the twenties? It must have been with tremendous relief that they left the war behind. Yet their problems with Ireland were still simmering and unemployment was to become a nightmare.
There was the General Strike in 1926, the year Germany joined The League of Nations. Hitler had emerged and was busy in prison, for the most part, writing Mein Kempf. The Russian civil war was bubbling along; Stalin was expelling anyone who stood in his way. Germany was writhing under the oppression of the Treaty of Versailles. Then in 1929, Wall Street collapsed, an event which ignited the Great Depression. No, the world could hardly have been a happy place.

From a more positive perspective it is possible to see progress. Technology

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