There can be no summer
in this land without cricket

Wisden 1960-69

1960 - 1969

Free from the restrictions and disciplines of a country at war a whole new generation of British people came of age in this decade. It has gone down in history as "The Swinging Sixties . The was an undercurrent of promiscuity, drug taking, and irresponsibility, political assassinations and lingering discontent.

Huge technological achievement and social change occurred. In the UK the pill went on the market for the first time, the death penalty was abolished and the pound was devalued offset Inflation which was undermining the economy. However, the trade defied remained a chronic issue. Colour television broadcasts began in 1967, the year in which the South African surgeon Christiaan Barnard performed the first successful heart transplant operation Abortion became legal in England and the voting age was lowered to 18. The Russian, Yuri Gagarin became the firs, man to circle the Earth In a space craft and the USA put a man on the moon later in the decade. Britain and France combined to develop the first supersonic aircraft - The Concorde and the USA built a computer network to withstand nuclear attack , became the technology that now sust

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