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Respecting A Collection

It can seem at times that when it comes to condition, Wisdens are a law unto themselves. To say that 'condition' is very important when it comes to Wisden is an understatement.
Over the past few years more people have come into the market requesting books in as near mint condition as possible. It is debatable whether these new buyers are cricket lovers or people seeking an alternative investment opportunity.

It is also important to respect any buyers' requirements. Building the best collection possible is a fabulous aim and it will be achieved, just don't be suckered into paying too high a price. Any collection of Wisdens - full sets of hardbacks; paperbacks; rebinds and Willows - irrespective of the quality, all deserve to be respected. After all, a collection usually takes an awful long time to acquire, so whatever it consists of, owning a full collection is an achievement in itself.

As time progresses the older Wisdens will become scarcer, whether held in private collections or simply made unavailable through collectors passing away and relatives inadvertently discarding them (this still happens) the diminishing number of editions will only drive up the pr

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