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in this land without cricket

Wisden 1930-1939

The Wisden Collectors’ Club thought it might be of interest to members to put together an outline of Wisden content and information. We are very grateful to John Pratt, who emigrated to Australia as a £10 Pom back in 1963, but who shouts louder than most at the fall of an Aussie wicket, for the following article…thank you John.

1930 – 1939

The world in this decade contained much hardship and fear. In the wake of the Wall Street crash countries manoeuvred and tinkered with the gold standard, tariffs, their currencies and any other mechanism they could contrive to gain an economic advantage over one another. In desperation, some member countries drifted away from The League Of Nations, which they saw as a toothless tiger. Japan tested its war strength in Manchuria and North East China and the Spanish Civil War erupted. Meantime the policies of The National Socialist Party were aggressively forcing favour with the community in Germany. By 1933 Hitler had taken office and his adopted country was sliding towards a terrifying racist dictatorship.

In 1935 Britain installed radar systems along the South Coast and in 1936 Germany

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